Clinical Weight Loss Coaching
Available In-Person & Via Skype

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off? Have you tried multiple diets in the past but found no matter what you tried it didn't work, or the weight came right back? Do you dread the idea of "dieting" and swear blind it doesn't work for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, weight loss coaching might be exactly what you need to lose that extra weight and keep it off, without having to miss out on eating the food you love!

What is it?

Weight loss coaching is a holistic therapy that focuses on changing the negative relationship a person has with their food. It looks at why people eat the way they do and tackles the root cause of their negative eating habits - rather than simply focusing on amending their diet and exercise routine alone (like most other weight-loss programs do). By doing this, it allows the person to understand and gain control over their cravings and habits, making it much easier to make positive, long-lasting changes and keep the weight off for life. As well as tailored, non-judgmental support, you'll also receive a welcome pack to kick off your journey and bespoke nutrition/exercise advice.

How long are sessions?

Approximately an hour each.

How much do they cost?

£45 per session or cheaper in a package.

What courses do you offer?

It is suggested that you book a course rather than individual sessions as it increases your chances of successfully staying on track and keeping your excess weight off. It's also cheaper for you! I currently offer three courses: a six-session package (use sessions whenever you like), a six-month package, and an upgraded premium six-month package.

How do I buy a session/course?

Get in touch via the form below. You'll immediately be sent an online questionnaire to gather as much information about your lifestyle and eating habits as possible so that I may formulate a plan. Once you've filled it in, give me a few days to process the information and I'll email you to arrange your tailored, free consultation. After this, you're free to buy a session or course online, now available via Skype as well as in person.

6 Session Package


- 6 sessions.

- Tailored diet & exercise guide.

Save £40



Standard 6 Month Package


- Bi-weekly sessions. (Approx. 13).

- Tailored diet & exercise guides.

- Unlimited email support.

Save £50+


£91.60 p/m

Premium 6 Month Package


- Weekly sessions. (Approx. 26)

- Tailored diet & exercise guides.

- Unlimited text & email support.

- Phone support.

- Monthly £15 voucher for treatments.

Save £350+


£167 p/m

Request a Questionnaire/Consultation
Returning Clients

Please only use this booking tool if you've already had your consultation and are a returning client. If you're a new client, please fill in the above form, fill out your questionnaire and wait for me to email you back to arrange your free consultation.

If you've already been to see me for your consultation, you're free to book a session online.
Weight Loss Coaching Session
1 hr

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