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Reiki literally means "universal energy". It is a Japanese energy clearing technique that is used to clear out negative energy and re-balance the chakras, leaving the receiver feeling more well, uplifted and in less pain.

Energy Healing
What Happens in a Session?

Reiki is performed with you lying on the treatment bed. This is a warm, comfortable and safe space in which you are free and welcome to let go of your stress and truly allow yourself to relax. Unlike massage, during Reiki you remain clothed as it's an energy healing method rather than a physical healing method so there is no need for me to touch you. For the treatment you simply lie down with your eyes closed and relax as I move around the bed, clearing negative energy from around your body so that healing and positive energy may take its place. It's so relaxing some people even fall asleep (and it's totally okay to do so)! Due to the clearing of negative energy, including anger and sadness, a lot of people feel emotional after the treatment and some even cry. This is a completely normal and healthy part of the healing process; it is simply you letting go of the negativity you've been holding onto. This is why some people also leave feeling noticeably uplifted, appreciative of life and content.

Want more information? Click below to watch an in-depth explanation behind how Reiki works:

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