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Other Services

I'm not just a certified massage and reiki therapist, I'm also qualified and passionate in other areas too! From spirituality to science, my interests span a variety of subjects that I'm always studying and looking to add to my services to increase the number of things I can offer you. I always make sure the services I offer are ones I've tried myself and studied relentlessly so you can be sure you're getting an amazing service that will benefit you!

In-Person Meditation

From beginner to expert, enjoy live guided meditation you'll love regardless of your level. Start enjoying the numerous proven benefits of meditation today.



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£9.99 p/m

Meditation Hub

(Members Only)

Access the online meditation hub, the home of recorded meditations narrated by me! Reduce anxiety, get better sleep and dispel anger.


£9.99 p/m

Oracle card Reading

Of a spiritual nature and feel like you need some guidance? Oracle cards are amazing tools, without the "darkness" of tarot cards. Learn more below.



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