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Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching

Little Starr Therapies is dedicated to providing more than just physical therapy - I specialise in nutritional therapies too. I'm a qualified nutritional therapist (meaning I'm able to help you detect deficiencies in your diet), as well as a qualified weight loss coach.

Weight Loss Coaching

Weight loss coaching focuses on changing the negative relationship a person has with their food and themselves in order to help them lose weight and keep it off in the long term. Nutritional advice, venting sessions, and NLP techniques included. If you need some extra help losing your excess weight, becoming healthier and happier in your body, let me support you as your personal weight loss coach!


£40 p/h

Nutritional Therapy

Feeling off? Dull skin, problems with your hair or always feel tired? You may have a nutritional deficiency. Book in for an assessment to see whether your symptoms may be down to diet and, if they are, learn how to alleviate them through natural, effective and potent means. Learn more by clicking below.



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