Oracle Card Readings

Oracle card readings are similar to tarot card readings. Oracle cards are used to convey messages from the universe and spirit guides (or who/whatever you personally believe in) in order to provide advice for your current situation. The main difference between oracle cards and tarot cards is that oracle cards are slightly less "dark". For example, some tarot cards can give negative messages such as warnings of upcoming troubling events. Oracle cards don't contain cards like these, instead they offer positive advice and guidance on how to deal with these events instead.

I offer a variety of different readings:

Question Readings

These are simple readings where you ask a question about something you'd like guidance with. The cards cannot give you a specific "yes" or "no" answer but can offer advice on the best way to move forward with your situation. For example, if you ask "how do I get the promotion at work?", the chosen card will not be able to specifically tell you exactly how to do it, but it will give you guidance on what you can do to best make it happen.

Approximate Length: 5 minutes

Price: £5 per question

Past, Present & Future Readings

A three card reading. I choose three cards from the deck, each relating to either your past, present or future.

Approximate Length: 15 minutes

Price: £12

6 Month Reading

A six card reading. Each card represents advice for a different month.

Approximate Length: 30 minutes

Price: £20

12 Month Reading

A 12 card reading. Each card represents advice for a different month.

Approximate Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Price: £30

Ask the cards a question and receive advice on how to deal with your current situation.
Question Reading
5 min
A six card reading offering advice for the next six months.
6 Month Reading
30 min
A three question reading that can reveal advice and information on your past, present and future.
Past, Present & Future Reading
15 min
A 12 card reading offering advice on the next 12 months.
12 Month Reading
1 hr

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