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Online Course

Introduction to Meditation

"...honestly it’s really, really good. Better than some of the stuff I have seen psychologists put together." - Alex

"I’ve really enjoyed it. Loved that it was short, easy to do, and the videos. The course website is super easy to use too." - Gem

"Feeling relaxed now and hoping for a good night's sleep. I've really loved it." - Debbie

"It all looks really good, as a beginner the videos were really informative. I enjoyed the 'end of day reflection' meditation especially." - Hannah

Who's the Course for and Why Enrol?

Do you want to...

  • Feel calmer and more relaxed?

  • Be more emotionally strong and stable?

  • Relieve anxiety, stress, and low mood?

  • Be more focused and productive?

  • Feel more peaceful and content?

  • Get better, deeper sleep?

  • Learn a useful new skill in a fun and easy way?​

It may sound surprising, but you can get all of these benefits starting with just 4 minutes of your time per day, even if you have no prior meditation experience. This four-week Introduction to Meditation course is for busy individuals and beginners who may be interested in meditation and getting the above benefits, but worry they won't be able to "switch off" or might find it dull if they do. It centres around building good mindfulness habits and decreasing stress through completing small, easy, daily tasks. You can build your skill slowly, in an enjoyable way, with minimal time, effort and disruption to your schedule.

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Why Enrol?

Course Benefits

  • Short, easy, practical tasks rather than text-book learning.

  • Slowly build your ability and skills in an enjoyable way.

  • Effortless progression. Start with the basics and work your way up gradually.

  • Flexible, relaxed learning. Enjoy the course your way and choose whether you'd like to be graded or not.

  • Easy-to-follow video tutorials.

  • 150+ minutes of guided meditation to follow along with.

  • Unlimited online support.

  • Access to in-person support sessions.

  • Free grading and guidance.

  • Certificate of Completion upon finishing and being graded.

  • FREE 30-minute Sleep Story to download and keep upon completion to help you get to sleep.

  • Personal, friendly and unique course experience run by a small business rather than a large corporation.

Course Benefits

Course Overview

Week One - Getting Started

  • Learning what meditation is, its benefits, the different types of meditation.

  • Learning how the course and task system work.

  • Learning to breathe to relax quickly.

  • x4 easy guided meditations between 4 - 6 minutes focusing on the breath, body-scanning and reflecting on the day.

  • x3 tasks centered around relaxing and unwinding.

Week Two - Positivity & Productivity

  • Learning to set mindful goals and start the day with a productive mindset.

  • Learning to take note of your achievements to feel fulfilled.

  • Learning to show yourself love.

  • Learning to show and feel genuine gratitude.

  • Taking a look at unguided meditation and learning about useful meditation tools.

  • x3 guided meditations between 6 - 7 minutes focusing on confidence, breath and setting intentions.

Week Three - Stability & Gratitude

  • Increasing your skill and independence with slightly longer unguided meditations.

  • Increasing focus and skill with longer guided meditations.

  • Learning about your inner self and learning to feel more stable with thought observation meditation.

  • Continuing to build good habits with 3 tasks based on feeling loved, fulfilled, grateful and connected to others.

  • x5 meditations between 7 - 10 minutes long focusing on body sensations, and feeling calm and grounded.

Week Four - Relaxation & Enlightenment

  • Cementing good mindfulness habits and starting to build them into a daily routine.

  • Learning to build meditation into a regular routine with increased meditation opportunities.

  • Learning to comfortably meditate for longer periods of time to increase relaxation benefits.

  • Taking a look at your first guided story meditations for deep relaxation and delving into your subconscious mind.

  • x6 meditations between 10 - 30 minutes long focusing on self-love, gratitude, relaxation, mindfulness and enlightenment. 

  • Request grading and a Certificate of Completion.

  • Access to a free Sleep Story to download and keep to help you get to sleep as a thank you for enrolling.

Course Overview


The course can be done entirely online and can be completed in two different ways: graded and non-graded. If you learn better by having set goals and deadlines, you can choose to be graded. You'll be encouraged to submit feedback and be marked on how many of the daily tasks you have completed at the end of the four weeks. Once complete, you can request marking and you'll have the choice between being sent a digital or physical Certificate of Completion.

If you choose not to be graded, you can complete as many of the daily tasks as you'd like, at your leisure, within the four weeks before you lose access to the course. No stress.


Course Length

This course is meant to be done daily and completed in 28-days. As such, you will have access for 4 weeks, giving you one day to complete each task. If being graded, you must complete the tasks and request marking on or by the 28th day.

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