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Offers & Discounts

Offers & Discounts

Only one offer can be applied to a treatment at a time.


£10 Off for New Clients

Get a complimentary £10 e-certificate after your first paid treatment as a thank you for supporting a local business.




Loyalty Card

Ask for a loyalty card to receive £10 - £15 off any treatment after you've collected 5 stamps! 

Save up to:


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Seasonal Offers

Check back monthly for time-limited offers and treatments that can save you £25+

Save up to:


Looking for the VIP Club? If you signed up your support is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of bookings, appointment space has become very limited this year, and so the VIP Club has been disbanded for now. It didn't feel right asking you to sign up to receive discounts on your birthday when you wouldn't have been able to get an appointment unless booking a month in advance. If you signed up for them on your first booking, normal marketing emails will still be sent out to alert you of offers and discounts - so don't worry - and you can unsubscribe from these at any time. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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