Mental Health Services

I'm not just a certified massage and reiki therapist, I'm also a qualified meditation instructor and passionate about mental health! I'm currently at university studying to become an accredited counsellor. Here you'll find a list of that are aimed at boosting your mental health and improving your mindset.


In-Person Meditation

From beginner to expert, enjoy live guided meditation you'll love regardless of your level. Start enjoying the numerous proven benefits of meditation today.



Psychology Patient


Counselling is a wonderful, confidential way of venting your worries and finding ways to move forward in a safe and non-judgemental space.




Meditation Hub

Plan-holders only. Access the meditation hub, the home of recorded meditations narrated by me! Reduce anxiety, increase focus, get better sleep and dispel stress.


£24.99 p/m

Meditation Course.png

Online Meditation Course

New to meditation but interested in getting it's very real benefits for yourself? Start from just 4 minutes per day with this modern, online course.