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Become a Member

Join others already getting the most out of Little Starr Therapies! Save money, get exclusive perks and improve the quality of your relaxation time. Standard membership gives you access to the exclusive Meditation Hub and a monthly gift certificate, whilst the Gold membership gives you that and SO much more!

Standard Membership


- 5-day free trial.

- Unlimited access to the Meditation Hub.

- Ability to request personal meditations.

- Monthly 10% off voucher for you or a friend.


£9.99 p/m

Gold Membership


- 7-day free trial.

- Free monthly massage up to £35 in price. (Currently stacking until reopening.)

- Unlimited access to the Meditation Hub.

- 10% off all treatments.

- Discounted personal meditations.

- Monthly 10% off voucher for a friend.

- Exclusive discounts and offers.


£35.99 p/m

The Meditation Hub is your online home dedicated to your relaxation and stress relief. It's more affordable than other well-known meditation apps and your membership also gives you exclusive perks like discounts and the ability to request personal meditations just for you! All you need is internet to stream.

Full Taster Meditations

Sample Meditations

The Meditation Hub

Want to try before you buy? Below are some collections of completely full and free meditations, as well as some 30-second samples so you can get an idea of what the meditations are like.

There are currently 26 meditations to choose from, ranging from 4 - 35 minutes.

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