Benefits of meditation include:

- Improved sleep.

- Increased focus.

- Increased productivity.

- Elevated mood.

- Decreased anxiety, stress & depression.

- Improved creativity.

- Improved relationships.

- Increased feeling of well-being.

- Decreased mental and physical pain.

- Improved immune system.

- Improved cardiovascular health.

- Slow ageing process (no, really!).

Buddha Statue

If you're interested in feeling some of these benefits for yourself, come along to a meditation session. You're also welcome to bring a friend or two to share the experience! There are MANY different types of meditation and everyone likes something different - what suits one person may not suit another. That's why I offer 9+ different types of meditation so you're sure to find something that you genuinely love. Meditation techniques you can choose from include:

- Guided: Like grown-up storytime. I take you on a journey to a place inside your imagination. Just sit back, relax and listen.

- Breath: Learn to use your breath to focus your mind and meditate.

- Image: Pick an image and learn to use it to focus the mind and explore a new place.

- Self-Healing: Use positive affirmations and love to heal yourself from past experiences and increase positivity.

- Mantra: Pick a mantra or two and them to relax the mind and increase your wellbeing.

- Singing Bowl: Use a singing bowl to raise and lower vibrations in the air, directly influencing your energy.

- Chakra: A form of guided meditation that focuses on balancing the chakras to create a feeling of well being.

- Kundalini: A spiritual meditation focused on kundalini energy in the spine.

- Buddhist: Meditate like a Buddhist monk with a breath, chant or medicine Buddha meditation.

- Tailored: Tell me what you want to focus on, and I'll write a personalised meditation.

Or, if you'd prefer to meditate in the comfort of your own space at your own time, become a member and gain access to the Little Starr Meditation Hub! It's full of guided meditations to help you do everything from relieve anxiety to increase self-love and happiness.