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COVID Safety Guidance

Although not mandatory, it would be appreciated if you could wear a face mask during your time here.

You're welcome to take this off during treatments if you wish. This will change when infection numbers decrease.

Upon entering, you will be asked if you'd like to have some of the hand sanitiser on offer.

It will also be available at all points throughout and after your treatment(s).

You're encouraged to pay via card or Paypal where possible to avoid the handling of money.

Cash is still accepted but it would be greatly appreciated if you could pay via card/online to keep things safe.

You're asked to please declare any symptoms of, or contact with people with, covid before you arrive for your treatment.

You can rebook after 10 days. Please do not turn up for your appointment if you know you might be carrying covid.

The cancellation fee and refund policy will not apply to those cancelling due to Covid symptoms.

If you wake up the day of your appointment with any of the symptoms, please cancel. You will not be charged.

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