COVID Return Plan | Little Starr Therapies

COVID Safety Guidance

Important Dates

July 20th 

My doors may open again. Certain massages and Reiki will be on offer.

August 20th

If infection statistics keep decreasing, my full service list may reopen.

Services Available for Booking from July

- Back, neck and shoulder massages.

- Tailored massages of the back of the body.

- Sports massages of the back of the body.

- Hot stone massage.

- Foot massages.

- Reiki massage & Reiki sessions.

- All talking therapies/treatments.

Any services requiring you to lie on your back or sit up will not be available.

Very Important Updates & Information You Need to Know

You'll be expected to wear a face mask or covering whilst entering, getting changed and leaving.

You may take this off once you're on the massage bed. It's to help stop the spread of germs.

You will be asked to clean your hands with the provided disinfectant upon entering and leaving the premesis.

This is to keep door handles and surfaces as clean as possible for everyone.

There wlll be a temporary increase of £5 to every treatment to help cover the damage Covid has done to business.

It's not something I want to do, but I appreciate your support and understanding at this very difficult time.

You'll be emailed 24 hours before your treatment asking you to declare any symptoms of, or contact with people with, Covid.

This will be automatic and doesn't require a response unless you or someone you've been in contact with has symptoms.

The cancellation fee and refund policy will not apply to those cancelling due to Covid symptoms.

If you wake up the day of your appointment with any of the symptoms, please cancel. You will not be charged.

Consultations and payment will now be done in the treatment room rather than the usual study/consultation area.

This is to avoid any contamination of the house should any clients be carrying the virus without knowing.

You're encouraged to pay via card or Paypal where possible to avoid the handling of money.

Cash is still accepted but it would be greatly appreciated if you could pay via card/online to keep things safe.

You will not be offered a glass of water before or after your treatment (sorry!). Please bring your own bottle!

Even though glasses are always thoroughly cleaned between clients, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Bookings will be limited to 3 people per day (unless you're coming with someone from your household).

This is to help prevent the spread of the virus should any of my clients be carrying it without knowing.

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