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Before booking, please be aware that people with the following are not able to receive massage therapy:

  • Colds, coughs and flu.

  • Cuts or any open wounds.

  • People under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Contagious skin conditions.

  • People weighing over 300lbs.

  • People looking for sexual or nude massage.

  • Women under 3 months pregnant.

People with the following conditions may not be suitable for massage therapy unless they provide a written doctors note confirming they are able to receive it:

  • Cardiovascular conditions or a pacemaker.

  • Ailments being treated by a medial practitioner.

  • People recovering from a recent severe injury or operation.

  • Osteoporosis.

  • Cancer.

  • Epilepsy.

  • Pinched nerves.

Please be aware that a deposit is required to book. If you do not wish to pay by card online, please get in touch with me via text or email to book instead and I will happily send you details for payment via bank transfer or PayPal.


The online system I use to accept deposits, Stripe, is used by thousands of big-name companies, including: Amazon, & Deliveroo to name a few - so you can relax knowing your card details are never seen by me or anyone else.

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