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The Midland's highest-rated location for relaxation and guidance.

All treatments are completely tailored to you to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for. Here, you're not just another client walking into an impersonal salon or office; you're an individual with unique needs and preferences. You'll even get a £15 gift certificate after your first paid treatment as a welcome gift! My prices are competitive to make sure my services are accessible to people from all walks of life. Often quoted as giving the best treatments people have had, you can be sure you're in good hands!


What's New?

Lockdown Closure
Relax Through Lockdown

Meditation beginner?

Do you want to:

  • Feel calmer and more relaxed?

  • Be more emotionally strong and stable?

  • Relieve anxiety, stress, and low mood?

  • Be more focused and productive?

  • Feel more peaceful and content?

  • Get better, deeper sleep?

  • Learn a useful new skill in a fun and easy way?​

Learn how you can get all of these benefits starting with just four minutes of your time per day. Take this fun, 4-week online course at your own pace or be graded and get a certificate of completion - however you learn best!

I will be closed until lockdown has been lifted and the government clear salons and other self-care services to open again. 

Wishing everyone a happy New Year and I hope to see you again soon!

- Tara


Who am I?

Hello, and welcome to my little space on the internet! My name is Tara and I'm a holistic therapist who specialises in massage, as well as many other holistic therapies. I'm also a qualified Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Guide and Clinical Weight Loss Coach. I know, I've studied a LOT! It's because I wanted to help people in as many ways as possible and make sure I was qualified and confident in doing so. I do what I do because I love making other people's lives a little bit better.

I'm currently in the process of preparing to go to university to study to become an Integrative Psychotherapist which means I'll also be offering discounted counselling services whilst studying. The BA degree I'm on gives me a lot of hands-on practice with real clients, and face-to-face guidance from qualified therapists so you can be sure you're receiving professional services through and through.

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